9 Unknown Uses Of Cypress Essential Oil

Below are 9 unknown uses of cypress essential oil not many people talk about. Cypress essential oil is used as a home remedy to help reduce symptoms of high blood pressure, anxiety, bronchial infections and other conditions like varicose veins.

Native to the Southwestern United States, Cypress essential oil has a very pungent odor and is made by steam-distilling stems, needles and young twigs from the cypress tree. Having this oil handy can help with all the following conditions.

9 Unknown Uses Of Cypress Essential Oil


Cypress essential oil is known to act as a natural diuretic and help reduce the symptoms of indigestion fast. Cypress essential oil helps relieve gas pains by eliminating flatulence and can help you get rid of excess fluid and toxins in the body. Cypress oil is safe to consume orally but you must consult with your doctor before you do.

Simply add a few drops to your hot tub and soak in it for at least an hour to get all the full benefits or vaporize it in your home by using a diffuser.


Vaporizing cypress oil in your home can create a soothing effect on your nerves and calm stress quickly. You can also massage a few drops on your temples and behind your ears for better results.


Not only can you use cypress oil to kill bacteria, but it can also be used as a freshener to make your clothes smell nice due to its amazing odor. You can also add a few drops to your laundry and inside your shoes.

Clear Your Airways

Adding a few drops of cypress essential oil to your hot tub and soaking in it for at least 30 minutes can help loosen up cough and clear out your airway. Due to its anti-spasmodic properties, cypress oil is very effective in treating conditions like asthma, colds, congestions and bronchial infections.

High Blood Pressure

Cypress essential oil contains hemostatic and styptic properties which help constrict blood vessels and reduces the chances of bleeding out. It also helps calm the nerves which may have a positive effect on high blood pressure.


Suffering from wounds that are taking longer to heal, skin sores or burns? Try applying cypress essential oil at least once daily to speed up the healing process. It has also been found that cypress oil is effective in treating acne.


If you want to keep your teeth and hair from falling out while you are still young you can try diffusing cypress essential oil in your home regularly and also add it to your hot tub frequently.

Varicose veins

To quickly heal damaged veins and get rid of varicose veins, apply a few drops of cypress essential oil to affected areas and massage it in a circular motion. This should help increase blood flow and speed up the healing process.


To increase circulation and blood flow in your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite, simply massage a few drops of cypress oil on to your skin once daily to get rid of cellulite fast.

Side Effects Of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil is safe to use and does not cause side effects but we recommend that pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should refrain from using cypress essential oil or at least consult with a health care professional before you do.

People with allergies should also consult with a doctor before using cypress essential oil or at least conduct a skin patch test to be safe.


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9 Unknown Uses Of Cypress Essential Oil

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