7 Cervical Cancer Symptoms That Every Women Should Know About

Here are 7 cervical cancer symptoms that every woman should know about. These are some of the most common signs of cervical cancer that most people ignore. Learning about the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer sooner can help save your life.

Cervical cancer is among the leading causes of death in various 3rd world countries due to the lack of annual checkups and pap smears. The most common cause of cervical cancer is (HPV) also known as human papillomavirus. Certain types of HPV can rapidly increase the spread of the cancerous cells.

Although most people don’t experience early signs and symptoms of this dangerous disease, paying attention to your body can help you detect it sooner.

7 Cervical Cancer Symptoms That Every Women Should Know About


Anemia is a common symptom of certain types of cancers, especially cervical cancers due to heavy bleeding and bleeding in between menstrual cycles. A rapid heartbeat along with fatigue are early signs of anemia.

Abnormal discharge

As cancer begins to spread within the cervix, the uterine wall will start to decompose, which causes yellowish discharge, foul-smelling discharge, and darkish colored liquid.

Genital warts

The appearance of genital warts inside or outside the vagina is caused by HPV infection which increases the chances of developing cervical cancer.

Pain Or Bleeding

Cervical cancer causes cancer cells and tumors to grow and multiply on the wall of the uterus leading to dryness. This causes dryness, discomfort, spotting, heavy menstrual cycles and bleeding between that occurs between menstrual cycles.


Inlarged cervix puts pressure on the bladder and kidneys, which leads to problems with urination. There may also be frequent urinary tract infections and pain during urination as well as difficulty in emptying out the bladder when urinating.

Pain & Swelling

As cancer spreads to other organs in your body, blood vessels and circulation are affected as well. This may result in hip pain, back pain, leg pain, swelling in the ankles and other parts of the body.

Weight loss

One of the early signs of cancer is weight loss which is usually due to loss of appetite. If you are suddenly losing weight without trying, we recommend that you contact your doctor immediately.


There you go, now you know about the 7 most commonly cervical cancer symptoms to help you stay safe. If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends and family and also follow us on Pinterest for more helpful tips.

7 Cervical Cancer Symptoms That Every Women Should Know About

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